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    Online Learning of Order Flow and Market Impact (OLOFMI)

    This library performs regime detection in the aggregated order flow time-series and market impact analysis. The required input file is in the format of the message file of the...
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    Privlib is a Python software package to manage privacy risk and discrimination in tabular and sequential data. It comprises methods to assess privacy risk (PRUDEnce) and...
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    Score-Driven Bayesian Online Change Point Detection (SD-BOCPD)

    This code deals with Bayesian online detection in univariate time-series of changepoints, i.e. abrupt variations in the generative parameters of a data, and regimes, i.e....
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    Debiaser for Multiple Variables (DEMV)

    DEMV is a Debiaser for Multiple Variables that aims to increase Fairness in any given dataset, both binary and categorical, with one or more sensitive variables, while keeping...
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    Reducing radicalizism in social networks by feeds prioritization - Rebalancin...

    Code and description of the methodology of the paper "Rebalancing Social Feed to Minimize Polarization and Disagreement" funded by SoBigData ++
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    Epidemic Sentiment Analysis

    This tool is a sentiment analysis framework inspired by models of epidemic spreading, which aims to extend sentiment-tagged lexicons. It is easily extendable to multiple...
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    Superdiversity and Sentiment

    This method analysises the effect of the migration phenomena on the sentiment of a community. Under development.
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    Economic Integration Model

    This model allows to understand the integration process of immigrants starting from retail data. Under development.
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    Modelling Scientific Migration

    This method is an adaptation of the general migration models to understand scientific migration. Under development.
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    A New Topological Approach for the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions

    We propose, Maximum-Proteins-Similarity(Topological)": MPS(T). MPS(T) is a topological three-length path method that scores the potential interaction between proteins by...
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    Prediction of next career moves from scientific profiles

    This is a two-stage predictive model for the mobility of scientists. First, data mining is used to predict which researcher will move in the next year on the basis of their...
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    Nowcasting migration stocks and flows

    This method nowcasts migration stocks and flows by using Twitter data. Under development.
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    A hybrid approach for PPI

    We propose a new framework that can exploit topological and biological information to predict protein-protein interactions. The algorithm relies on the underlying hypothesis...
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    Gene-specific regularization for COPD partial-correlation estimation

    We introduce a gene-specific regularization factor when computing the Partial Correlation score to make the indeterminate regression feasible. We decided to slightly modify...
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    EpiCID: A framework for discovering interactions between SNPs

    Epistatic interactions (EIs) of gene loci often determine complex trait phenotypes. EIs may indicate the underlying molecular mechanisms of multifactorial traits and diseases....
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    Twitter preprocessor

    Tokeniser, lemmatiser, extraction of negation. Under development.
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    Micro Project Methods: Academic Migration and Academic Networks

    Methods used for the micro-project titled: Academic Migration and Academic Networks: Evidence from Scholarly Big Data and the Iron Curtain
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    Measurement Expression Annotator

    Annotates numbers and measurement expressions in text. This method recognises many types of measurements including length, temperature, time and speed, and calculates their...
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    Digital DNA fingerprinting

    The "Digital DNA fingerprinting" is a spambot detection technique based on the "Digital DNA" online behavioral modeling technique. Given a set of Twitter user timelines, it is...
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    Python library for direct and indirect discrimination prevention in data mining

    This python library implements the discrimination discovery and prevention method proposed in the paper: “A methodology for direct and indirect discrimination prevention in...
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