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  • aginfra


    AGINFRA+ aims to exploit core e-infrastructures such as, OpenAIRE,...

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  • aginfraplus


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to be the working environment...

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  • aginfraplusdev


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to provide AGINFRAplus...

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  • aginfraplusshowcase


    This Virtual Research Environment has been created to showcase the results of...

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  • agroclimaticmodeling_trial


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to support the forthcoming...

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  • agroclimaticmodelling


    This Virtual Research Environment is for supporting AGINFRA+ WP5 use cases...

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  • alienandinvasivespecies

    Alien And Invasive Species

    An alien species is not native to a specific location, where it arrived...

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  • aquacultureatlasgeneration

    Aquaculture Atlas Generation

    The Aquaculture Atlas Generation VRE supports the review of maps of...

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  • assistedlab


    This Virtual Research Environment supports the development of a virtual...

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  • biodiversitylab

    Biodiversity Lab

    The BiodiversityLab is a VRE designed to provide a collection of applications...

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  • cataloguerevamping


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  • cwp_secretariat


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to support the development and...

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  • d4sciencelabs

    D4Science Labs

    D4Science has developed a series of applications (accessible through the...

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  • demeter_trial


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to support an expert workshop...

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  • emodnet


    EMODnet is a long term marine data initiative. More than 150 organisations...

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  • envriplusdata4science

    ENVRI Plus

    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to expose and make available...

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  • fao


    Achieving food security for all is at the heart of FAO's efforts – to make...

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  • fao_tunaatlas

    Global Tuna Atlas

    The Global Tuna Atlas VRE is a tool to integrate and analyze public domain...

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  • fmj_lab


    This working environment is conceived to go hand-in-hand with the Food...

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  • foodborneoutbreak


    This VRE supports outbreak investigators in identifying suspect food items at...

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  • fooddecide


    This VRE supports the FoodDecide research project. In this project a decision...

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